Grand Hotel Dino


A romantic, flowering garden with mature trees, which degrades soft to the shores of the lake, beyond which the Borromean Islands are gently caressed by the waters. Magical reflections and light games enchant the newlyweds and their guests and even the elegant lounges, rich in refined details: This is the magic of a wedding reception in the grand hotel. The Grand Hotel Dino, moreover, is the ideal destination for couples who choose to celebrate their weddings on Lake Maggiore.

A competent and professional staff is available for the spouses to organize the ceremony and completely customize the reception. A real high quality wedding-planner service is offered to the couple for a complete and expert assistance.

The bride and groom can also choose from many other high quality services, such as bride’s make-up and hair stylist, wedding cake and florist, baby restaurant & parking (possibility of personalized menus for children), personalized printed menus, place cards, knights, seating arrangement, advice and contacts for musical and artistic entertainment, light cafe disco, guests’ transfer and accommodation, and bachelorette parties.

These and many others are the opportunities offered by the weddings in grand hotel. In fact, every year there are many married couples who choose the Grand Hotel Dino as a theater of their wedding on Lake Maggiore.